FORTH Innovation

FORTH jump starts innovation in your organization
Use the inspiring FORTH innovation method to create attractive innovative products and services with great internal support with a multidisciplinary team in your organisation.
For directors and managers who want to innovate, an internal team using the FORTH innovation method will ideate four innovative products or services in 15 weeks that are really attractive and feasible.

Unlike brainstorms or hiring external creators to come up with ideas, the FORTH innovation method leads to concrete new concepts which are attractive because they have been checked at customers and are worked out as mini new business cases. The innovative concepts have great internal support because your employees have ideated them themselves and customers and decision-makers were closely involved in the ideation process.

FORTH in 5 steps
1. Full steam ahead: Build a committed ideation team, draw up a concrete innovation assignment and identify promising opportunities.

2. Observe & learn: Explore trends, technology, opportunities from the kick-off and customer insights. Choose the most promising opportunities and customer insights.
3. Raise ideas: Develop twelve new promising innovative concepts for products, services or business models in a two day brainstorm. Work them out in concrete concepts descriptions.
4. Test ideas: Check the concepts among the target group in qualitative/on-line research and improve them. Choose the 3-5 best concepts to work out in a mini new business case in the next step.
5. Homecoming: Work out the 3-5 best new product concepts into mini new business cases: a concrete mini business plan per concept. And present them to top masnagement for decision making for further product development in their stage-gate innovation process.
As certified FORTH facilitator Red Zezel guides you through your innovation process.

Discover the 7 advantages of FORTH:
1. Concrete new concepts in 15 weeks
2. The innovation assignment gives you focus
3. You discover customer insights yourselves
4. Concepts are checked at the target group
5. 3-5 Concrete mini new business cases
6. Teamwork creates internal support
7. Faster implementation period

FORTH user experiences
The FORTH innovation method is used by both large – and small organisations. By industrial companies, service providers and governemental organisations. In both the BtB and BtC sector. Some experiences from enthusiastic FORTH users:

FORTH not only brings you concrete mini new business cases. The process boosts your innovation culture.  – Eveline van Eck, FORTH project leader GGD (Netherlands)

FORTH brings people really outside the box – Ad Huisman, FORTH sponsor, Managing Director of GGD West Brabant (Public Health).

Customer feedback has greatly contributed to the high quality of the concepts. – HP Voorhoeve, FORTH sponsor, Manager New Business Development (Provider Dutch railway network).

FORTH creates support for innovation because a relevant part of the organization is involved.  – Jasper Hagedoorn, FORTH sponsor, Manager R&D of BoBike (Producer of bicycle safety seats for children).

For more information visit the FORTH website.