Looking for an inspiring keynote speaker for your event? Want to know more about unfuzzying the front end of innovation, structurally embedding innovation in your organisation, developing the creative potential in your organisation, designing a customer experience, future trends and their impact? Want to be immerged in the world of creativity and innovation? Give us a call and we will be happy to work out an inspiring, highly energetic and passionate keynote to get you started.

Here’s a selection of events that gave us the stage:
• Creativity World Forum 2012, Rio de Janeiro – Making organisations ready for tomorrow
• JCI Worldcongres 2011, Brussels – Unfuzzying the fuzzy front end of innovation
• Kluwer, Nationaal Assistant Congres – Become a real idea machine
• Ondernemerschapscentrum West-Vlaanderen – How to create a customer experience
• Koning Boudewijn Stichting – Serious gaming & social media in education

Origineel. Goed interactief. Leerrijk. Dynamisch

Veel te weten gekomen in beperkte tijdspanne. Ook goede mix van theorie en praktijk.