We all need more creativity and innovation: because the world is constantly changing and tomorrow will look very different than today, to distinguish us from the competition or just to survive in times of crisis. But how do you become more creative and innovative? Where do you start? And how do you ensure that innovation translates itself into a success story for your organization? Let us share our knowledge with you.
We have quite some experience in in-company training and academic teaching. Here’s just a glimpse of the courses for which you can contact us:

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.
Leo.F. Buscaglia

Become a real idea machine – 1/2 day
In fact everybody is creative and can learn to improve his/her creativity skills. We all can become masters in creativity in order to break through patterns and habits, to find solutions for problems and to detect opportunities. But how do you do so? During this half-day training we will discuss following topics with you:
• Why do we need creativity?
• What is creative thinking?
• Learn to think out-of-the box and develop your creativity skills
• How does the creative process looks like
• THE 5 brainstorm techniques you need to master
In short, all you need to know to become a real idea machine.

This is how you brainstorm – 1 day training
We all have been involved in a brainstorm. But how successful was this brainstorm? Did you get out of the brainstorm thinking: “We come up with the same ideas over and over again. What do we do with all those ideas. I thought we would come up with more out of the box ideas.” Or would you like to start facilitating your own brainstormsession? During this full day course we learn you all do’s & don’ts of the brainstorming. On the agenda, including:
• Why do we need creativity?
• What is creative thinking and develop your creativity skills
• How does the creative process looks like
• How do you prepare for a good brainstorm?
• Which techniques to use to come up with a lot of ideas?
• Which techniques to use to select the best ideas?
• How to translate the best ideas in concepts?

Structurally embedding creativity & innovation – 3 days
During this 3 days course you get an insight in how creativity and innovation can structurally be embed in your organisation. The key to success can be achieved by working on 3 levels:
• stimulating the individual creativity on an individual level
• establishing a structural innovation process on team level
• working an a creative & innovative culture on organisation level

Design thinking course – 5 days
Design thinking, service design, user centered design,… what’s in a name. It all refers to a set of principles, from mindset to process, that can be applied to solve complex problems. It can be employed by any business or profession to achieve extraordinary results, in the hope to create a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Moreover, it is an interdisciplinary approach bringing creative professionals closer to the world of business professionals, and vice versa. As such the presented course is interesting for a broad scale of professionals.
During this 5 days course participants get a deep insight in the different tools of design thinking and how they can be used in an innovation process.

Group sizes range from 8 up till 20. Programs are always tailored to the groups needs. At all times, theory, tools, cases and practical exercises are closely linked with each other in our course. And of course active participation is a must.
For more details of the proposed programs, just send us an email